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Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation

SLAPP stands for “Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation” in English. It refers to type of lawsuit that is filed by individuals or entities with significant economic, political, or social power, in response to criticism, opinions, or actions by individuals or groups who challenge their interests or practices.

SLAPPs are often used to silence critical voices, intimidate, or discourage individuals or groups from exercising their rights to expression and public participation. They are considered by many to be a form of censorship and a threat to freedom of speech and access to justice.

In several countries, laws have been enacted to protect individuals and groups from the abusive use of SLAPPs, allowing victims of these actions to sue the authors for damages and legal costs. The creation of these laws aims to protect freedom of expression and ensure that individuals and groups can actively participate in public life without fear of unjust legal retaliation.