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The Intellectual property is a set of rights intended to protect the creations of knowledge - intellectual creations - covering a wide range of activities and playing an important role in the cultural and economic universe.

Within the scope of Intellectual Property we find all the creations of the mind, from works of art to inventions, trade marks, other commercial signs and even computer programs.

Intellectual Property is traditionally divided into two major branches:

Industrial Property Rights

Under the terms of the applicable legislation, industrial property performs the function of ensuring fair competition by granting private rights over certain technical processes for the production and development of wealth.
Industrial property protection covers inventions, aesthetic creations (design), as well as distinctive signs which allow distinguishing products and companies on the market. Industrial property rights are obtained through the registration of patents, utility models, trademarks and logos.

Copyright and Related Rights

Copyright protects intellectual creations in the literary, scientific and artistic domain, including the rights of the respective authors. Thus, original literary creations and journalistic work are protected.
The rights of artists, performers, newspaper producers and publishers are also protected.