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Course Summary

As the world of ads continues to evolve it’s as important as ever to know you are using the latest technologies and optimising your performance. These sessions (Subject: Advertising Revenue) cover the basics from native advertising to programmatic strategies.

About this Course

This session explores how programmatic advertising has optimised the online advertising space, and how to utilise tools and techniques to simplify the process of advertising.

This course is part of the collection of courses on Advertising Revenue:

  • Establishing Your Advertising Strategy
  • Optimising Ad Revenue
  • Data & Ads
  • Programmatic Strategy

Session of 45 minutes

Method: Virtual session on demand

Price: Free

Subject: Advertising Revenue

Promoters:  GNI

Level of difficulty: Emerging > Connected


  1. Programmatic Change – How the programmatic landscape is changing.
  2. Introducing the Hybrid model – Showcasing a more traditional approach to selling ads.
  3. Programmatic buying options – and how to get started – Understanding the difference between Programmatic guaranteed and private auctions.
  4. Introducing Display & Video 360 – Using Display & Video 360’s A/B testing framework to evaluate every dimension of a campaign.
  5. Programmatic funnel options – Exploration of all options in the programmatic funnel.

Course Curriculum

Intro to Ad Inventory

Trading models

Header bidding

Program Directors

Programmatic Strategy

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