Optimise Your User Funnel




Course Summary

As advertising evolves online, understanding and developing a revenue strategy has become increasingly important. These sessions (Subject: Reader Revenue) will help you understand digital ads landscape and gain insights to maximise revenue & subscriptions.

About this Course

This session showcases key performance metrics from other successful digital publishers so learners can see how to stack up and identify areas of improvement across the user journey.

This course is part of the collection of courses on Reader Revenue:

  • Reader Revenue Models
  • Assessing the Opportunity
  • Optimise Your User Funnel
  • Alternative Income Streams

Session of 45 minutes

Method: Virtual session on demand

Price: Free

Subject: Reader Revenue

Promoters:  GNI

Level of difficulty: Connected


  1. Learn how to deepen reader engagement – Identify areas of improvement across the funnel, grow readership, and increase reader engagement.
  2. Plan for long-term success – Setting long term goals using the ‘North Star Exercise’ (identify reader revenue goal, measure performance, and implement tactics for success).
  3. See ‘what good looks like’ – Benchmarked key performance indicators from other publishers.
  4. Identifying Tech stack solutions – How improving performance often requires investments in technology.
  5. Use the GNI Planning Tool – To confirm target metrics, catalog tactics, and uncover data.

Course Curriculum

Deepen reader engagement

Track performance

Create a long-term revenue goal

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Optimise Your User Funnel

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