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Program Summary

Learn about the key principles of artificial intelligence in journalism in this FREE online course.

About this Program

The course is designed for journalists, editors, product managers, and newsroom people – but everyone in and around journalism is welcome to take the course.

There will be no complicated maths or programming involved. JournalismAI Discovery is the perfect first step if you are a complete beginner, and a helpful refresher course if you’re familiar with the principles.

Delivered weekly to your inbox, the course consists of 6 modules and combines resources for individual study, with a collaborative learning environment. Make sure to read the FAQs to find out more.

Learn how to…

  • Describe what AI technologies are, what they can and can’t do, and the impact they could have on journalism.
  • Understand the opportunities that AI can offer your newsroom, and the risks that come with its adoption.
  • Start your AI-journalism project and prepare for any challenges that may arise, so that you can succeed.

Structure of the Program

This course consists of 6 written modules, and it has been designed to be easy to digest and flexible to complete.  Approximate completion time for each module ranges from 10 to 20 minutes.

Starting on 2 July 2024, each week you will receive a new module directly to your inbox. The course has been designed to support independent learning, so you can read through each module at your own pace. At the end of each module, you will be given a quiz to complete which will cover the key concepts you would have learnt.

There is no pass or fail of JournalismAI Discovery, but the quizzes are a great self assessment tool.

  • Module I: How AI is currently used in journalism
    • Available on 02/July/2024
  • Module II: What is AI?
    • Available on 09/July/2024
  • Module III: Everything starts with data
    • Available on 16/July/2024
  • Module IV: Starting your AI-journalism project
    • Available on 23/July/2024
  • Module V: Successes and pitfalls
    • Available on 30/July/2024
  • Module VI: New frontiers and evolving areas
    • Available on 06/Aug/2024

Each of the modules is subdivided into smaller thematic blocks. Within each of them, you will find video recordings and accompanying exercises. You can navigate between them using the side menu or the “previous” and “next” buttons located beneath each piece of content.


Start: 02/07/2024

Method: Online asynchronous

Certificate: Digital

Price: Free

Promoters:  POLIS| GNI

Requirements: Mandatory registration

Courses included in this program

Program Directors

JournalismAI is a collaboration between Polis – the journalism think-tank at the London School of Economics and Political Science – and the Google News Initiative. The mission is to empower news organisations to use artificial intelligence responsibly. The design of the JournalismAI activities is based on the findings of the global survey we conducted in 2019, which led to the publication of the report: New powers, New responsibilities: A global survey of journalism and artificial intelligence, which was subsequently updated in 2023 with Generating Change: A global survey of what news organisations are doing with artificial intelligence.
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