Growing Your Readership




Course Summary

As the publishing landscape changes, more businesses are looking to adapt and grow their presence online. These sessions (Subject: Business Strategy) have been designed to help news publishers and journalists develop a business strategy to meet the digital changes facing the news industry.

About this Course

This session is about analysing changing behaviors; mapping consumer journey, building customer personas, and discovering what being relevant really means; finding new ways to grow online readership and loyal digital community.

This course is part of the collection of courses on Business Strategy:

  • Digital Publishing Success
  • Establishing a Digital Newsroom
  • Growing Your Readership

Session of 45 minutes

Method: Virtual session on demand

Price: Free

Subject: Business Strategy

Promoters:  GNI

Level of difficulty: Nascent > Emerging


  1. Gain understanding of your empowered readers – Access to information and the rise of mobile technology has made readers more savvy, curious and demanding.
  2. Understand reader relevance – Steps to optimise the factors that drive and define news relevance.
  3. Build a reader persona – Steps to create a reader persona and 5 key considerations.
  4. Mapping the reader journey – From micro moments, to creating loyal readers.
  5. Redefining relevance – Exploring case studies of publishers who give their readers what they want.

Course Curriculum

Changing behaviours

Reader relevance

Building loyal readers

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Growing Your Readership

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