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As the world of ads continues to evolve it’s as important as ever to know you are using the latest technologies and optimising your performance. These sessions (Subject: Advertising Revenue) cover the basics from native advertising to programmatic strategies.

About this Course

This session will discuss how data can continue to drive and enhance ad strategy, exploring first-party data and options for contextual targeting, as well as the enterprise-level features in Analytics 360.

This course is part of the collection of courses on Advertising Revenue:

  • Establishing Your Advertising Strategy
  • Optimising Ad Revenue
  • Data & Ads
  • Programmatic Strategy

Session of 45 minutes

Method: Virtual session on demand

Price: Free

Subject: Advertising Revenue

Promoters:  GNI

Level of difficulty: Nascent > Emerging

  1. Planning for the changing ads landscape -Understanding the close relationship between data and ads, and the changing role of third-party cookies.
  2. Focus on contextual targeting – Focusing on the content and audience for a page, rather than depending on third-party cookies.
  3. How to grow First-party data – Exploring the ever-growing importance of collecting first party data.
  4. Importance of a single view of the reader – Understanding a single view of the reader and how to achieve it.
  5. Getting Started with Google Analytics 360 -The advantages of the enterprise-level features in Analytics 360.

Course Curriculum

Contextual targeting

3rd party cookies

Anonymized IDs

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Data & Ads

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