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Course Summary

In today’s digital world, readers are looking for new ways to engage with news publishers online. These sessions (Subject: Audience Development) will explore the importance of developing an active digital readership and consider the value that a digital database brings.

About this Course

This session is about the opportunities digital publishing brings. Attendees will discover the value of mixed media output to ensure content reaches its full potential, embrace new ways to produce content online, and explore digital distribution.

This course is part of the collection of courses on Audience Development:

  • Creating Content for Digital
  • Optimising Your Digital Assets
  • Crafting Digital Newsletters

Session of 45 minutes

Method: Virtual session on demand

Price: Free

Subject: Audience Development

Promoters:  GNI

Level of difficulty: Nascent


  1. Digital brings new opportunities to tell stories – The power of graphics, video, and audio to represent the news online.
  2. Using the Content matrix (from Smart Insights) – The different media types available to the target audience.
  3. Complete a content stack checklist -How to repurpose existing content to save time and reach more readers.
  4. Explore content distribution options. Exploring multiple options for content distribution, for both new and existing readers.
  5. Digital content creation success. Unpicking seven digital publishers’ strategies for digital content creation.

Course Curriculum

Mixed media

Content stack

Content distribution

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Creating Content for Digital

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