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The Aveiro Media Competence Centre (AMCC) is a platform to support and promote the European Union’s (EU) Local News Media sector in the implementation of digital transition projects.

This support is sustained through sharing and structuring knowledge of the global technology market, access to European teams with multidisciplinary skills, training activities, support for technological regulation, access to public and private funding, and a wide variety of innovative solutions that ensure an effective digital transition.


The digital transition of the European Union’s (EU) Local News Media sector is critical to its development and growth. We believe that the presence of a platform like the Aveiro Media Competence Center (AMCC), which supports and promotes a digital environment, will guarantee the digital capacity and skills of the local News Media.


Our mission is to support and promote the digital transition process of the European Union’s (EU) Local News Media and guarantee their sustainable future, thereby maintaining their capacity to protect democracy.


Our greatest goal is to make the Aveiro Media Competence Center (AMCC) the central platform in the European Union (UE) for developing and implementing the digital transition of the local News Media by: organizing knowledge on new technologies; creating multidisciplinary teams of experts to analyze, develop and promote digital strategies and support the implementation of digital projects through direct contact with the markets.

Institutional Support

This platform was created by the University of Aveiro, the Portuguese Press Association and PCI – the Science & Innovation Park of the Aveiro Region, and receives support from several public and private entities, which contribute with funding and know-how. We underline the support from the European Union, the high patronage of the Presidency of the Republic, and the Portuguese Government, through the Ministry of Culture – Secretary of State for Cinema, Audiovisual and Media, and the Ministry of Economy – Secretary of State for Digital Transition and the Portugal Digital mission, and the Protocol Centre for Vocational Training for Journalists (CENJOR).

How AMCC Funding work?

The AMCC is financed by public and private entities. We highlight the funding provided by Google, which became the first private company to finance the project, as well as the donation from Meta Facebook. 

The companies and entities that support and finance the projects and initiatives, are not involved in decision-making, do not obtain profits, or receive access to any kind of information related to the projects developed.

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